How to Play House

Posting has been light because we moved and then promptly went on holiday. I highly recommend booking a long vacation after every house move. It doesn’t make the move any less stressful, but it sure beats unpacking.

We are finishing the first half of our road trip vacation in Niagara Falls and as I write this, I am looking out over the falls from our hotel room.

I love staying in hotels and this particular hotel experience has been beyond amazing. But I’m ready to move on to the second part of our vacation, the part where I spend time with my family (and most of that time will not be in hotels).

At some point, I’ll have to think about going back to England and back to our new house and back to work (must not think about that yet) and back to unpacking boxes. But right now…

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2 Little Chefettes

Another post for this month’s theme comes from Mitt Lilla Kök (My little kitchen) by Ninis. Soufflé is a very tricky dessert to make. If you don’t get the consistency right, you won’t be able to enjoy it. However, Ninis’ soufflé looks very tempting, don’t you think? 🙂

The recipe is in Swedish, but you can always use translator to translate it to your language 🙂

“This is the first time I made a strawberry soufflé. Usually I make chocolate soufflé with lemon. But I want to try something new. Strawberry not only giving this soufflé sweet and sour taste, but the smell also very good and refreshing. The outside texture that slightly sponge-y keeping the middle part soft and creamy yet not watery. And this is also perfect for special dessert for your special family” – Ninis.

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I. Love. Mac. And. Cheese. So much so that it’s a problem. I eat way more than I’d like to admit. I thought it would stop after I was out of college, but, the addiction has continued on strong. So, instead of my usual Kraft, why not make homemade mac? Makes it seem a little more mature. At least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

After my last BBQ chicken adventure with my crock-pot, I started searching the good ol’ world wide web for a good recipe and found so many good options! I ended up taking a few things from different recipes and combining them to make my own, and it turned out great! This isn’t necessarily a turn-it-on-and-walk-away recipe, but it’s still very easy to make and provides you with tons of great food! Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Make the sauce. In a large…

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Drew's Soapbox

Do you ride the train to work every morning? I do, and one big plus is that you sometimes experience the weirdest things during your commute.

Like this morning, a packed train pulled up to the platform. I was worried about getting in, but I was relieved when about 5-7 people alighted from the train.

So imagine my surprise when 3 people then couldn’t fit in, despite the newly freed up space. I should know – I was the 3rd guy, watching from the platform as the train sped away. It’s like a reverse-version of Hermione’s beaded handbag.

I generally don’t like obnoxious office ladies on the train, cos they tend to be impatient, inconsiderate, and well, insist on a much larger buffer for their personal space than regular people. However, I did find one redeeming trait for them this morning.

If they’re alighting at the same station as you are…

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