Carr party of five

I’ve spent 8 hours today in 90 degree heat at my daughter’s Fastpitch Softball Tournament. I could write many a post just on this experience alone. But I won’t. Cuz I’m tired, and sunburned, and I really need to take a shower.

However, one thing did stand out. I notice, now that I’m a writer..and I use that term loosely…no matter what I’m doing..there’s this one little part of my brain that is always this blog worthy? And today, it was the not so subtle chanting from the other team that got me creating a post in my head while keeping tracks of runs and doing triage on softball warriors in the dugout.

We put in a new pitcher. And not 2 seconds later we hear…

Check Check Check it out.

Check that brand new pitcher out.

 Is she high, or is she low. Is she fast…

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The Reformed Reader

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a year or two, you know I very much appreciate Os Guinness’ books.  This one is no exception: Dining With the Devil: The Megachurch Movement Flirts with Modernity.  Though it is nearly 20 years old, it still speaks profoundly to the crisis in American Christianity – the crisis of culture shaping the church more than Scripture.  This section where Guinness speaks of relevance is outstanding.

“…Relevance is a question-begging concept when invoked by itself.  And when absolutized, relevance becomes lethal to truth.  Properly speaking, relevance assumes and requires the answer to such questions as: Relevance for what?  Relevant to whom?  If these questions are left unasked, a constant appeal to relevance becomes a way of riding roughshod over truth and corralling opinion coercively.  People are thinking or doing something simply ‘because it is relevant’ without knowing why.  But truth, in…

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How to Play House

Posting has been light because we moved and then promptly went on holiday. I highly recommend booking a long vacation after every house move. It doesn’t make the move any less stressful, but it sure beats unpacking.

We are finishing the first half of our road trip vacation in Niagara Falls and as I write this, I am looking out over the falls from our hotel room.

I love staying in hotels and this particular hotel experience has been beyond amazing. But I’m ready to move on to the second part of our vacation, the part where I spend time with my family (and most of that time will not be in hotels).

At some point, I’ll have to think about going back to England and back to our new house and back to work (must not think about that yet) and back to unpacking boxes. But right now…

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